Solar Systems

Solar panels allow us to utilise clean, free
power from the sun
. In sunny South Australia,
we are in an excellent location to benefit from
the sun’s energy. The installation of solar
panels will save you money over the lifetime
of the system and add value to your property.

Regardless of the size of the solar energy
system installed, homeowners will make
immediate savings on monthly energy bills.
The larger the solar panel system installed
the greater the financial savings!

If you’re hesitant about installing solar
panels over fears of poor quality installation
take confidence in knowing GB Electrical
& Solar
are a Clean Energy Council
Accredited installer

How does solar work?

What system is right?

Different types of panels and system sizes
are available. The most appropriate system
for your property will depend on your power
usage, the orientation of your home or
business, the roof inclination and shade.

We can design a solar system to best suit
your needs after an on-site consultation.

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